In addition to Dennis and his son Denny, Dennis' daughter Kristine Collier-Flynn along with Edward Nightingale, Deb Adams-Brandt, Richard LaRoza and Laura Seebacher have all added their considerable talents to various projects in the shop.

Kristine Collier-Flynn, Mother of three, heart and soul full of dance, wood carver.

Edward Nightingale


Ed is a wood worker/carver, musician, Giza researcher and has been part of the team for over 20 years working on many of our most elaborate projects.

Deb Adams-Brandt


Deb joined us three years ago to work on the Saint Thomas Church pipe organ project and is a force to be

reckoned with. To say that Deb is driven is an understatement of the highest degree!

Laura Seebacher, wood carver with patience and attention to detail second to none! Laura joined us specifically for the Saint Thomas Church pipe organ project.

Richard LaRoza, retired. Collaborator on and off for many years. Voted "King of the happy-go-luckies!" and all around good egg.